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Did You Know?

Withdrawal can occur when stopping antidepressants and other psychotropic medications. The good news is, there is support. Learn more by visiting our psychotropic medication withdrawal resources page HERE.

There is a big difference between dependence and addiction. Understanding this important distinction is essential when talking about withdrawal from medication. Read more HERE.

Certain SSRI antidepressants have been known to cause and/or exacerbate alcoholism. Read more HERE.

Quick Links

What is Akathisia? Know the signs of this serious drug reaction BEFORE starting, stopping, or changing medication dose. Read about it HERE.

The RxISK Report tool can help identify if your problems are caused by a drug.  The Drug Search tool and interaction checker are essential for getting a more complete picture of the effects of medications you are taking. The checklist is a useful tool for before filing a prescription. Guides and papers on withdrawal are available for easy reference.

Many people are withdrawn too quickly from benzodiazepines, even in detox centers. To learn about recent label changes, post-acute withdrawal, and benzodiazepine injury, read more HERE.

Shaming people for taking mental health medication and denying that medications cause harm are two sides of the same coin. See examples of each and a suggested way forward HERE.

There are medications, including antidepressants, that are known to cause enduring sexual dysfunction (PSSD) even after treatment is stopped. Learn more HERE.

Psychotropic and other medications can cause Mental Distress. Find out if a medicine you are taking or are about to take has been determined to carry this risk HERE.

Many in 12-Step Recovery report problems with their prescribed medications. Many others who have had protracted medication withdrawal or legacy effects find peace and healing by attending a 12-Step meeting like Chronic Pain Anonymous. Find meetings for both HERE.

The Withdrawal and Recovery Meeting (WARM) Network of groups include confidential support groups for people interested in tapering and recovering from the effects of prescribed medications. While we recognize that drugs have their place, our focus is on the awareness of risks, on reducing dosages, and on utilizing various alternatives. Many of us have taken medications as prescribed and have experienced problems as a result. Some of us are still on medication, while others are tapering, or have finished tapering. We come together to facilitate our healing and recovery. The only requirement for participation in a WARM group is a desire to learn about the effects of prescribed medications and how to safely manage withdrawal. We are each responsible for what we take from our group discussions, how we use the information, and for our own individual healing process.

WARM Network creators are Jennifer B. and Laurie O, both survivors who have had withdrawal experience. We have no sponsors, overhead, or budget . Laurie Oakley is responsible for all website content.

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