Withdrawal and Recovery Meeting (WARM) Network

The Withdrawal and Recovery Meeting (WARM) network of groups are confidential support groups for people interested in tapering and recovering from the effects of prescribed medications. While we recognize that drugs have their place, our focus here is on the awareness of risks, on reducing dosages, and on utilizing various alternatives. Many of us have taken medications as prescribed only to experience problems as a result. Some of us are still on medication, while others are tapering, or have finished tapering. We come together to facilitate our healing process and that of others through the sharing of our experiences in a shared journey of recovery. The only requirement for participation is a desire to learn about the effects of prescribed medications and how to safely manage withdrawal.

This is not a 12 step program though we embrace their idea of finding recovery through helping each other.  We are not affiliated with any medical, political, religious or other organizations. We do not wish to engage in any controversy; we neither endorse nor oppose any causes. We are not doctors or therapists although we welcome them as members sharing in our common experience. Anyone may join us regardless of age, race, sexual identity, ability, creed or denomination, whether taking medication or not. We are each responsible for what we take from our group discussions, how we use the information shared, and for our own individual healing process.

We are happy you have joined us. You are not alone.

Meeting Toolkit

Please visit our contact page if you would like to request an online toolkit for setting up a meeting in your local area.  We invite you to tailor your meeting to the aspect of withdrawal you most want to address, be it coming off psychiatric medications, benzodiazepines or opioids only, or enduring withdrawal conditions such as PSSD, etc.  Resources include a Guide for Facilitators, Suggested Group Format, Suggested Readings, Guiding Principles, List of Topics, and Sample Flyer.

Who We Are

The WARM Network of groups exists through the volunteer efforts of a growing number of laypersons within the withdrawal community who recognize that if there is to be change, it is up to us.  We seek the healing power that only connection can bring, knowing that face to face meetings promote well-being in ways that surpass our valuable yet limited internet connections.  As we step out of the dark corners of the web into our local communities, we find strength in solidarity, with the presence of our groups sending an undeniable message:  withdrawal syndromes are real and they must be addressed.  We believe taking this positive action helps us as much as it helps others as we find our strength in Unity.  

Founding members are Jennifer B. and Laurie O, both survivors who have had withdrawal experience.  We have no sponsors, overhead, or budget.  Each group is fully autonomous and self-supporting through its own contributions and/or fundraising.  Laurie Oakley is responsible for all website content.

Follow us on twitter: @warm_network1, and facebook: @warmnetwork

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