Withdrawal and Recovery Meeting (WARM) Network

The Withdrawal and Recovery Meeting (WARM) network of groups are confidential support groups for people interested in tapering and recovering from the effects of prescribed medications. While we recognize that drugs have their place, our focus here is on the awareness of risks, on reducing dosages, and on utilizing various alternatives. Many of us have taken medications as prescribed only to experience problems as a result. Some of us are still on medication, while others are tapering, or have finished tapering. We come together to facilitate our healing process. The only requirement for participation is a desire to learn about the effects of prescribed medications and how to safely manage withdrawal.

We are each responsible for what we take from our group discussions, how we use the information shared, and for our own individual healing process.

The WARM Network of groups exists through the volunteer efforts of a growing number of laypersons within the withdrawal community. WARM Network creators are Jennifer B. and Laurie O, both survivors who have had withdrawal experience.  We have no sponsors, overhead, or budget.  Each group is fully autonomous and self supporting through its own contributions and/or fundraising.  Laurie Oakley is responsible for all website content.