It can be difficult to find a doctor who is aware of and able to assist with medication-induced symptoms and withdrawal. Here are lists of professionals who have been recognized as being supportive and helpful. Please contact us if you know of someone who should be added.

Mad in America Provider Directory

Surviving Antidepressants – recommended doctors, therapists, and clinics list of doctors who recognize post-SSRI sexual dysfunction 

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition – list of doctors

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Support – benzo wise doctors

“ISEPP friendly” helping professionals – from the International Society for Ethical Psychology & Psychiatry

Tapering Strips

Keto Medicine List of Doctors

Included in WARM’s list because many of these doctors are courageously challenging the current paradigm and deprescribing diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other medications, (and may be open to supporting someone while reducing or tapering psychiatric medications). We encourage anyone reaching out to these doctors to pass along information on psychiatric drug withdrawal such as can be found on our Resources page.


Click here for a list of settings, primarily in Canada, that offer support practices to the Autonomous Management of Medication.

Self Management of Medications (also called GAM) is an innovative approach developed in partnership with medication users. It takes their subjective experience into account and strives to place the individual at the center of pharmacological treatment in psychiatry with a view to improving well-being and quality of life. It creates spaces of open dialogue on the issue of medication amongst users, physicians and their family and friends.