The WARM Network of groups exists through the volunteer efforts of a growing number of laypersons within the withdrawal community who recognize that if there is to be change, it is up to us. We seek the healing power that only connection can bring, knowing that face to face meetings promote well-being in ways that surpass our valuable yet limited internet connections. As we step out of the dark corners of the web into our local communities, we find strength in solidarity, with the presence of our groups sending an undeniable message: withdrawal syndromes are real and they must be addressed. Each group is fully autonomous and self-supporting through its own contributions and/or fundraising.

Our support groups are intended to complement, not replace, professional treatments. We encourage individuals to work with a doctor or other trusted professional when making healthcare decisions.


Please feel free to edit the following materials to create documents for your own use. Let us know where you are planning to have your meeting. We might be able to connect you with like minded people in your area.

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